$10,000 Gold – About the Book

$10,000 Gold – The Book

$10,000 Gold written by Nick Barisheff, President and CEO of BMG Group Inc., promises to provide a comprehensive explanation of why gold should reach $10,000 an ounce and beyond.

The book is available in hardcover by contacting BMG Marketing Services Inc. (a BMG company) or by purchasing online at:

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$10,000 Gold takes a unique approach to the subject of gold as money. In the book, it discusses gold as a means to asset protection and prosperity. It leads the reader to a deeper understanding of gold by showing the global economic and demographic trends that support a rational prediction for its future value. $10,000 Gold advocates ownership of physical, pure bullion.

Barisheff’s book discusses why gold’s value will continue to climb, and does so by showing rather than telling; encouraging investors to apply core principles and wide-spectrum analysis that make the case for gold’s rise to $10,000 an ounce or higher. The book looks at the important long-term and possibly irreversible trends that will continue driving the price of gold higher for years to come.

Barisheff uses 3,000 years of history to demonstrate that gold is the ultimate financial safe haven in times of uncertainty, yet it is virtually absent in many of the large financial portfolios, including those of global pension funds and insurance companies responsible for trillions of dollars’ worth of the world’s financial assets.

As paper currencies continue to lose purchasing power, and as global markets struggle in the face of economic turmoil, investors will be well served by Barisheff’s wisdom and advice.

$10,000 Gold is the book you can give to those who have shown an interest in protecting their wealth through gold ownership, but who lack the understanding and confidence to put that thought into action.

What Earlier Reviewers are Saying:

Nick Barisheff, who had the foresight to start a precious metals mutual fund in January of 2002 when gold was $284.65 per ounce, is now predicting $10,000 per ounce gold. This book explains why he is probably right, again.
 – Michael B. O’Higgins, author of Beating the Dow

Nick Barisheff is one of Canada’s leading authorities on gold bullion. In this seminal book, he shares his encyclopedic knowledge with us and, more importantly, tells us how to use gold to protect personal wealth. A must-read for all serious investors.
 – Gordon Pape, author of Retirement’s Harsh New Realities

Mr. Barisheff’s well-researched and very readable book . . . explains precisely why gold, now, is a wise investment.”
– David Ranson, President and director of research, H. C. Wainwright & Co. Economics Inc.

In $10,000 Gold, Nick Barisheff makes the best case to think gold prices are likely heading higher. The arguments are compelling and well-articulated and if you don’t own gold bullion before reading this book, I believe Nick will change your mind. If you want peace of mind in the turbulent decade that lies directly ahead, this book will help you along that journey.
 – James Puplava, CEO PFS Group, Host of Financial Sense Newshour

Nick Barisheff pulls no punches. This is a must-read for all outside the precious metals community.
– David Morgan, Founder, Silver-Investor.com