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Book reviews on $10,000 Gold Book by Nick Barisheff by Amazon and Chapters/Indigo readers:

Book Reviews – Great Education on Gold and the US Dollar!: I’ve just started reading up on gold and found this to be Book reviews for $10,000 gold booka very educational book and feel that many would find this book interesting even if they aren’t considering buying gold. I found the information on the Federal bank and the petrodollar fascinating. I also liked the way all different types of ways to own and store gold were presented along with advantage and disadvantages of each. Although the author of this book is the president and CEO of a Bullion Management Group not once did I see a plug for his company or feel like I was being told to buy from his company. I highly recommend anyone interested in learning about gold or even the US dollar to purchase this book.

- LG1972, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA,

Book Reviews – A Good Case and Excellent Resource: One of America’s leading experts on the bullion trade weighs in with a very convincing and substantiated argument that gold will be there right to the end of civilization. According to his data, the world economic order is in the fifth stage where inflation, though intentionally suppressed by central banks, is starting to climb because of the incredible surfeit of fiat or printed money circulating through the global economy unable to find effective places to invest. What we have today is an economic system that deals with rising prices, less competition, increased deficit spending, and runaway debt that can only be addressed by tough austerity measures in the hope that it doesn’t get out of control, if that hasn’t already happened. Barisheff’s book is worth a serious look because he goes to great pains to explain the advantages and disadvantages of owning bullion as opposed to paper in today’s financial markets. Over time, actual gold has retained its value as real inflation – a figure that includes core price increases and costs overruns – is factored in to reflect a staggering increase in the money supply. In the present tense, backing up all transactions with gold might be awkward, but it at least guarantees some semblance of value while every other currency loses value. I especially found his description of hypothecation – the process by which collateral can be reused to refinance deals – to be a cautionary reminder of how vulnerable our present economy really is. If this isn’t enough to cause concern, there is the matter of central banks leading the way in the leased gold market where they can violate labor regulations to buy and sell gold electronically, thus suppressing the price of gold bullion. The only way true gold investors can dodge that bullet is to continue to buy gold and secure its storage because it will, inevitabl,y rise to phenomenal heights as the global financial system weakens.

- Ian Gordon Malcomson, (Victoria, BC)

Book Reviews – High Praise for Truth: $10,000 Gold” is a bullhorn announcement which should be heeded. The book is wake-up call not only about your financial world today, but a bleak look at the possibility of your world tomorrow.

Mr. Barisheff gives a very nice and cautionary expose’ on investments and a pretty interesting history lesson as well. He also gives lots of supported and valuable information regarding today’s economics, who controls what and where we are headed.

I have to admit, I thought I had a sense of security in my financial situation, but my eyes have been opened and I will be taking other measures in securing our family’s stability.

Although this is a very well written & researched book, it still leaves me with other questions as I ponder over this book.

Although Gold may be a safe bet, I still feel it is a bit over-blown on it’s actual value. It is steadily dropping and honestly, I cannot find any sympathy for anyone who bought gold as an investment at those prices. I remember the late 70’s/ early 80’s when gold hit high and relapsed. I wasn’t about to jump in then. I believe gold had a good run this round, but it will continue to lose value to just below $800.00 (my prediction) within the next five years or so, and will stabalize around that price for a while. The days of $35.00 Gold of the 60’s are forever gone, but hitting over $1800.00 again isn’t at all impossible either, but it will take another major war-time era to get it up there again. … And who says war doesn’t pay?

I really do like this book. It exposes allot of matter around our false economic structure and gives the reader an enormous amount of information to comprehend. A must read for anyone and everyone. Hopefully we can see some goodness come from this book.

- MoonLight Entertainment & Staff, Kansas USA,

Book Reviews – Gold Rush: It’s clear that the author knows a lot about gold as an investment. The information is in depth but easy to understand. He tries to explain everything that you need to know about the current economic situation.
This book is well structured and it’s written in a way that makes it simple to understand, without talking down to you.

- Live, Love, Laugh, Southeast USA,

Book Reviews – Jam-Packed Information and A Survival Guide: You would have to be sleeping under a rock to ignore the fact that multi-national corporations and banks are controlling every aspect of our economy with their partners in government. This book is a lot of things. It could be used as a wake up call to open the eyes of the sleeping masses, it can educate investors and truly see who manipulates the markets and finally, it can help you predict market direction. Look at it this way, if you can pay a small price for this book and get just one thing that can protect your assets, or make you money, why wouldn’t you buy it and add the wealth of knowledge this book contains to plan for the future.

- J. Garton,

Book Reviews –  Excellent Book: Great book. Very clearly written and the ideas set out are easy enough to grasp. Well worth a purchase I would say

- Nicholas Winstanley, UK

Book Reviews –  Good Introduction to Valuing Gold Against Fiat Currencies:  Gold as an investment probably evokes more emotion than just about any other asset class. As this book points out until fairly recently gold was money and the US dollar was convertible into gold, but in 1971 President Nixon took the US off the gold standard. Now that the US dollar is not backed by anything other than the US government, the dollar can float in value against the gold price.

The book starts out giving a good introduction of the historical lessons learned from previous fiat currencies and the 5 stages the paper money cycle goes through. We are currently at stage 4 of the process according to the author where growth is slowing and the debt overhang is great. He then goes into the creation of money and debt, which touches on the Federal Reserve as a private company and the mysterious ownership.

Chapters 3&4 touch on some of the macro forces that are working on the world economy such as end of cheap oil, world population and the global aging of the population.

Chapter 5&6 start looking at gold bullion as an investment and the myths associated with bullion ownership. The long bear market in gold from 1980 to 2000 is described.

The rest of the book talks about why and how to own gold as an investment. It’s important to understand if you own the actual bullion or a paper proxy for the metal.

As of the current year mid 2013, gold has reverted in value to the dollar around thirteen hundred per ounce, it hard to see how the US can fix it’s budget issues and how debt creation can slow. What will gold be worth in US dollars 5-10 years from now? Is the authors premise of 10,000 dollar gold plausible? Only time will tell, but the case he make is sound. Most of this information was not new to me, but if you are wondering what is driving the price of gold higher this book is good.

- Hugh Watkins

Book Reviews –  A “Goldmine” of Information:  This book is not only everything you always wanted to know about gold, but it’s a better expose of what’s going on in this world than the books that are supposed to be exposes. It’s a wakeup call. It’s a book for everybody, and everybody should read it.

I appreciate very much that it is written in layman’s terms. I have always heard that a person who truly knows his subject can make it simple for others, and this author has done this par excellence. It’s a privilege to be able to read a book by someone with Mr. Barisheff’s experience. All too many of the “gold books” out there today are written by people looking to position themselves as experts but who lack the in-depth experience that Mr. Barisheff has.

The cover flap talks about how the author presents us with “stark truths.” You better believe it! I read some passages from this book to my husband, and he was shocked and disbelieving. He wanted me to check to see if some of the things the author said were true, like the fact that this country has lost 50,000 manufacturing jobs a month since 2001. That’s a huge amount of jobs. I knew that we had lost a lot, but when you see the actual numbers, it’s truly staggering. I was able to confirm this. Then there was the statement that the average price of a house in Detroit is $6,000.00. My husband said, “I don’t believe it. You need to look that up.” I looked on the Internet and saw that some houses were selling for $1.00. I could see how with houses at that price to add into the average you might get down to a $6,000.00 average.

I had so many questions answered in this book, like:
1) What are we really doing in the Middle East?
2) Will oil prices zoom up again?
3) Are gold mines really a good investment?
4) What is the cause for all the economic turmoil we are experiencing? Who is behind it?

There’s a lot in this book about why governments and big banks are so desperate to make us believe the only way to go is fiat money and that gold is a dinosaur. Also, it was very interesting to learn who owns the FED (It’s not us.) and about how Kennedy and Lincoln were assassinated and Andrew Jackson was nearly assassinated apparently because they all attempted to wrest control of our banking system from the European central bankers.

It’s just hard to imagine that the lifestyle that we have enjoyed for so many years will probably go away because the whole world is running out of natural resources. But this problem looms so large in our future that one wonders why global warming is the only thing that is important to so many people, especially since it hasn’t even been proven yet. I think it’s because they simply don’t have the big picture. The author says that people don’t really realize what exponential increases really mean. If they did, they would know that the world is now at the max number of people that it can support. Commodity wars are coming. Cheap oil is over, says the author, and if we have to pay the same prices for it that the rest of the world pays, it will be devastating for our economy, as if it isn’t already pretty bad as it is.

My only complaint is the small writing in the hardback copy I got to review. I’m glad it is now on Kindle as that makes all the difference, both in price and readability.

- TruthSeeker

Book Reviews – $ or Gold-your Choice: This is an excellent book concerning our debt, the world of banking and how it effects us. Not mentioned is just having a small percentage of 5 or 10 percent in precious metals and maintaining that percentage in the porfolio, even during a decline is of benefit because it reduces volatility in the overall portfolio.

- John L. Herr, Professor Herr, ND

Book Reviews – Great Book for “Gold Curious” friends and family: I’m an investor in Nick Barisheff’s Bullion Management Group mutual funds and before that have known him for many years to be a wise and on-the-real-money commentator on shows like FinancialSense and BNN. The fact is that even after the April 2013 “Gold Smash”, going from December 1999 to April 2013 gold’s Price Return is up well over 300 percent. In the same time period Canada’s S&P/TSX Composite Index is up 40-odd percent, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is up 20-odd, while England’s FTSE 100 negative. The lousy returns have universally been felt by my friends and relatives who are roped into “traditional, balanced, safe” portfolios. As someone who was lucky to dump most of my dot-bomb stocks before they went down the toilet and became an avowed bullion buyer around 2003, I’m getting less puzzling looks at cocktail parties when talk turns to investing. I’m finding more “gold curious” people. Yet when I talk to them they don’t understand a) whey they’d invest in gold b) what they’d invest in (stocks, funds, ETFs, coins, etc) and c) how they’d avoid getting burned yet again. So now it’s simple. They buy me a few drinks, and I promise to buy them a copy of “10,000 gold”. It’s everything you need to know, and written in a clear, elegant way, much like Barisheff speaks on one of his interviews.

- Knowledge Seeker,

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